The bits I got are great. They cut fast and cool. Nice job!
Brian Gillispie
Rhinoceros Development, Rhino3D
  • Reliability

    Our manufacturing process features our state of the art Walter Helitronic Power Diamond grinding machine. That means guaranteed enhanced part surface finishing and the best precision in CNC tool production. We use precision carbide blanks produced on the most modern production equipment – high-precision automatic presses, extrusion equipment and Sinter-HIP furnaces. When you purchase from us, we promise longevity, performance, and unmatched value in the CNC tools delivered to you.

  • Fast Turn Around Times

    Made in Bellevue, WA USA in the great Pacific Northwest. We serve the continental United States, ensuring that there's less down time for you. Local delivery within Western Washington, ground, and expedited courier services are available upon request.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Woodworkers have come a long way since the days of the bit and brace. Today, we can choose from a wide selection of bits to create clean, tear-out-free holes, and more specially shaped openings. Our aim is to meet the demands of the contemporary wood and metal worker in this ever changing world at a honest value. Our team of dedicated technicians combine experience and attention to detail in order to deliver the best quality CNC tools on a daily basis. We've supported local large scale furniture makers such as Bellmont, Frontier Door & Cabinets, and Watson's Furniture over the years with continued success along with local players in the aerospace and general contracting sectors. Our limited 30-day warranty begins at the time of shipment and ensures the product will perform as intended within intended usage limits.


Below, you’ll find our CNC carbide tool table where you can sort by tool type such as compression, chamfer, ball nose end mills, down and up spiral, o-flute, low-helix, and router bits. And if you don’t see what you need, please contact us for customized requirements. Check out our professional tool sharpening services  to prolong the life span of your existing tools and also take a sneak peak at our in-house processes. 

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