Kreg ACS2000 Adaptive Cutting System Saw with Rail


Clearance: $269.00


Plunge-cutting saw and aluminum guide track making straight, smooth, splinter-free cuts up to 50″ long in solid wood and sheet goods

Discover the advantages of guided cutting with the Adaptive Cutting System Saw + Guide Track Kit. This kit includes the Adaptive Cutting System Plunge Saw and the 62″ Guide Track to provide everything needed to make straight, accurate, smooth, and splinter-free cuts in plywood, other sheet goods, and in solid-wood boards. The Saw + Guide Track Kit provides unparalleled control with a cutting capacity up to 50″. This kit makes precision cutting as easy as laying the 62″ Guide Track where you want to cut, and then guiding the saw along.


(1) Plunge Saw with carrying bag
(1) 62″ Guide Track with Cord Manager
(1) Owner’s Manual


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