Festool Dust Extractor CLEANTEC CT 48 E AC HEPA (576761)

Our Part # FES576761


In stock (can be backordered)


No more blocked filters – the AUTOCLEAN (AC) automatic main filter cleaning keeps the filter clean and ensures that the suction power remains constant. The PLANEX and PLANEX simple drywall sanders are compatible with the CT 48 E AC. The CT 48 E AC delivers maximum volume and versatility thanks to its large container capacity of 48 L. For maximum mobility, swiveling castor wheels and rear wheels are included. It also incorporates a locking brake for further stability on any terrain and during transportation. The flat filter, which is fully integrated into the suction head, guarantees that the whole capacity is used, resulting in nearly equivalent gross and net container volumes. The high-performance, ultra-compact turbine delivers the necessary suction power. A 137 CFM (3900 l/min) volume flow means that nothing remains except clean air.

  • OSHA Table 1 Silica dust control solution for the applications outlined as; iii, vii, viii, x, xi, xii (always check your local guidelines to ensure the proper equipment and PPE is being used for the given application)
  • HEPA Filtration helps to ensure compliance with best practices as directed by OSHA and the EPA (please check your local jurisdiction for compliance)
  • AC (AutoClean) Function automatically cycles the filter cleaning action to help ensure optimum airflow and suction performance
  • High volume capacity for big jobs with high dust volume reduces downtime for filter bag changes
  • The tapered 36-32 mm hose ensures optimal airflow and keeps both the volume of air and velocity of the air at a high level, ensuring adequate dust extraction for nearly any application
  • Ready to work – included reducer allows for connection to all Festool products with both a 36mm and a 27mm port
  • 3-piece cleaning accessory kit gives you the attachments you need to keep even the most difficult areas and surfaces clean
  • With AUTOCLEAN function

Set Includes:

  • (1) SELFCLEAN filter bag
  • (1) High-performance filter
  • (1) Plastic liner
  • (1) Smooth suction hose D 27/32 x3.5m AS/CTR
  • (1) Hose reducer
  • (1) 3-piece cleaning accessory set
Weight 37 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 29 × 16 in

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